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The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute aims to make Alaska seafood the #1 seafood of choice for consumers worldwide. Sustainability, quality, and nutrition and health research are our driving pillars. And our global marketing efforts ensure consumers worldwide Ask for Alaska!

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ASMI Activities Around the World

ASMI International monitors trends across the globe. Through targeted marketing efforts, ASMI has made strides in e-commerce in markets like China, Japan, and the U.K., resulting in millions of dollars of Alaska seafood products sold online. Emerging markets offer an opportunity for ASMI to increase the overall value of the Alaska Seafood resource by growing worldwide demand. Each of ASMI’s overseas markets differ, but in all markets the Alaska brand is known for quality, purity, sustainability, and great taste.

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All Hands on Deck 2021

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Fishermen Resources

ASMI has tools and resources for the fleet. Learn more about caring for your catch, get access to photos, videos, and print materials, stay connected with the latest industry information, and even get tools to market your catch, all from our Fishermen Resources page.

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Technical Resources

The ASMI Technical program works to provide research and resources relevant to industry with the latest information available. Check back often for new updates from the ASMI Technical program.

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Market Information

ASMI works with industry experts to produce timely reports on the industry’s economic value, seasonal harvest updates, Covid-19 Impact reports, and specialty research projects.

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Economic Impact

In Alaska, the seafood industry adds and average 5.6 billion dollars to the Alaska economy each year. Find out more about how seafood powers Alaska’s economy

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Global Food Security

The Alaska Global Food Aid Program concentrates on making seafood available to deliver critical high-quality nutrition to meet the needs of those utilizing food banks, food and nutrition safety net programs and disaster relief programs. Alaska seafood products fit unique requirements better than any in the marketplace and help  food insecure people across the U.S. and around the world.

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