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2023 Wild Alaska Seafood Month updates

March 29, 2023 | Activities & Promotions

The second installment of the pan-European campaign Wild Alaska Seafood Month (WASM), a set of coordinated multi-channel marketing efforts in all five regions where ASMI is present (Northern, Southern, Central, Western and Eastern Europe) took place in January 2023. From subway ads in the UK to Spanish television programs, consumers across Europe connected with the benefits of wild and sustainable Alaska seafood in new and impactful ways. 

2023 Wild Alaska Seafood Month (WASM) updates 2023 Wild Alaska Seafood Month (WASM) updates 1

To promote canned salmon during WASM, ASMI’s Northern Europe program designed a campaign with three well-known health magazines in the UK consisting of advertorials featuring canned Alaska salmon recipe inspiration and online blog content which promoted the benefits of canned salmon. 

To continue to support food teaching lessons in the UK, ASMI worked with the Fish in Schools Hero program for the second year running. The activity involved ASMI distributing pink salmon portions to over 100 schools in the UK. The aim of the activity is to make school children familiar with seafood from Alaska, to be able to cook with it and to learn about the benefits of the products. 

2023 Wild Alaska Seafood Month (WASM) updates 2

To build on the success of the tube (subway) ad campaign that ran last July, ASMI decided to invest in another campaign in conjunction with LEAP to promote their wild Alaska sockeye salmon during WASM. London Underground ads were placed in close proximity to LEAPS best-selling stores. Ads ran in 79 locations with 83% being in very high footfall zones. The ads are estimated to deliver over 16.7m impacts.

ASMI Southern Europe focused its marketing efforts in Spain, Portugal and Italy. In Spain, ASMI’s Instagram profile @alaskaseafoodspain featured a series of publications about wild Alaska salmon with the slogan ‘Come salvaje, elige Alaska’ (Eat Wild, Choose Alaska). To reach a wider audience, ASMI also cooperated with 15 content creators specialized on nutrition, health, sport and gastronomy to develop and post Reels across all accounts. These efforts resulted in an increased Instagram following along with increased website sessions on Alaska Seafoods Spain’s regional website

2023 Wild Alaska Seafood Month (WASM) updates 3

Nine articles were published in traditional and digital media featuring Alaska’s responsible fishery management and the properties of wild Alaska seafood, with an emphasis on wild sockeye salmon. Publications included Con Mucha Gula, El Periodico, Hule y Mantel, Bon Viveur, El Espanol, Gastroeconomy, Cuinas, and Foodie Culture.

2023 Wild Alaska Seafood Month (WASM) updates 4

Additionally, an interview with Spanish chef Joaquín Felipe was featured in TV show MADRID DIRECTO, broadcasted on local TV station TeleMadrid. During the segment, viewers had the opportunity to learn about wild salmon ikura, black cod and the different species of wild Alaska salmon.

In Portugal, ASMI partnered with five Instagram key opinion leaders (food lovers, nutritionists and athletes) to tell their audiences about the quality, nutritional benefits, sustainability principles and local availability of Alaska seafood. The campaign focused on wild sockeye salmon and had a estimated reach of 250,000 people.

2023 Wild Alaska Seafood Month (WASM) updates 6 2023 Wild Alaska Seafood Month (WASM) updates 5

In Italy, sablefish, wild salmon meat and ikura were promoted through press releases and advertisements in consumer magazines, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, collaborations with content creators is said social media platforms, retail promotions at 52 PAM stores –an Italian retail chain–, and an Alaska seafood dinner for journalists at Fingers Food Milan.