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People Behind the Fish

For the men and women who work the cold, pristine waters of Alaska, fishing is more than a livelihood—it’s a part of who they are, and often, a tradition that goes back many generations.

In Alaska, many walks of life, from fisherman to scientists to processing managers to law enforcement, all work together every day to ensure the health and sustainability of the fisheries, create thriving coastal communities, and produce the highest quality seafood.

Strong at Sea

The “Strong At Sea” collection celebrates the women fishing Alaska’s waters for wild, natural and sustainable seafood. Captured on deck during the summer of 2019 by noted photographer Ash Adams in the Copper River and Prince William Sound fishing areas, these female fishermen represent the heart and soul of Alaska’s commercial fleet: hard-working, thoughtful and deeply connected to the ocean that shares their livelihood. Also featured are profiles of women working in Alaska’s important whitefish, groundfish and dive fisheries.

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