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Technical Resources

ASMI Seafood Technical Program

ASMI’s seafood technical program is committed to providing information that will help buyers, harvesters, and processors get the most out of their catch and ensure the highest quality of seafood products. From fact sheets and information, to nutrition and sustainability research and white papers, the technical program is available to support industry needs.


Quality Handling Resources

Quality handling of Alaska seafood remains important from deck to dish. Review these resources created by the ASMI technical program.

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Nutrition Resources

Find out detailed information about the nutrient content of each of Alaska seafood species.

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Sustainability Resources

In Alaska, seafood is responsibly managed utilizing a world-leading science-based approach to help communities, fish stocks and entire ecosystems thrive for generations.

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The ASMI Technical program creates resources to support all programs and the Alaska seafood industry. Look for fact sheets, guidelines for industry, quality and informational videos, and more in our resource library.

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Questions about the ASMI Technical program? Contact our team.

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