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Alaska Seafood is Sustainable Seafood

In Alaska, seafood is responsibly managed utilizing a world-leading science-based approach to help fish stocks, communities, and entire ecosystems thrive.

Sustainable seafood is the most environmentally efficient source of protein on the planet. All seafood harvested in the United States is managed under a system of enforced, environmentally responsible practices.

Alaska is the only state with sustainable fishing written directly into the state constitution

Alaska's 5 Pillars of Sustainability

Wild seafood is one of Alaska’s most precious resources and our state goes to great lengths to support its continued abundance. From fishermen and processors to scientists and law enforcement officials, sustainability is not only crucial to Alaskans livelihoods, but a deeply-ingrained tradition. The five pillars of Alaska seafood sustainability tell the story of the important work Alaska does to ensure that sustainable Alaska seafood lands on your plate.


Families & Communities

Alaska’s fishing families are the heart and soul of Alaska’s seafood industry, handing down fishing practices from generation to generation and believing passionately in the importance of sustainability.

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Social Responsibility

In Alaska, not only do we protect the fish and the ecosystem, but the people that participate in the fisheries as well.

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Fisheries Management

Alaska represents the gold standard for fisheries management around the world, utilizing a science-based precautionary approach built to adapt to ecosystem changes.

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Resource Utilization

We strive to use 100% of the fish, to fully utilize our abundant resources.

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Certification provides a way for fisheries to verify responsible fisheries management and strong governance.

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Learn more about the RFM Certification program.

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