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Alaska Seafood 101

Choose Wild & Sustainable. Choose Flavor & Quality. Choose Alaska Seafood. There are so many reasons to choose seafood from Alaska. From salmon to crab to cod, there’s something for everyone’s plate.

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Wild-caught Alaska seafood matures at a natural pace, and swims freely in Alaska's waters.
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Superior Quality

The superior flavor and texture of Alaska seafood is prized around the world.
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Sustainably Harvested

Sustainability is so important to Alaska it was written into the state constitution in 1959.
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Supporting Generations

When you purchase Alaska seafood, you are supporting generations of fishing families and communities.
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It's easy to prepare Alaska seafood in minutes using your favorite cooking method.
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Buying American

Feel good knowing you are supporting the American food system when you order seafood from Alaska.

Fresh From Alaska Waters

From sockeye salmon to shellfish, Alaska’s rich fishing waters are filled with an abundance of superb seafood varieties.

Learn about Alaska’s seafood species

Prep & Cook

With the bounty of species Alaska offers, learning to prepare and cook them all can feel daunting, but with our prep and cook techniques, we make enjoying Alaska seafood easy.

Get recipes for the whole family, learn to fillet, grill, even learn how to cook fish in a flash with our easy  COOK IT FROZEN!® prep technique.

Let’s get cooking

People Behind The Fish

Thousands of Alaska fishermen and processors participate in Alaska’s commercial seafood industry, bringing you the world’s best seafood.
Meet the Crew

Supporting a Strong Economy

Alaska’s seafood industry is the largest private sector employer in the state, supporting almost 60,000 direct jobs and delivering roughly 6.4 billion pounds of wild sustainable seafood to consumers every year. Alaska harvests more wild seafood in the U.S. than the rest of the states combined.

Economic Impact
The seafood industry employs ~60,000 workers, more than any other private sector industry in Alaska
The seafood industry contributed $5.6 billion to Alaska’s economy in 2017/2018
The seafood industry brought in over $172 million in revenue for state and local governments in 2018

ASMI Worldwide

The International Program promotes Alaska Seafood in key markets in Japan, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America.

Nine regional programs in over 40 countries conduct activities designed to raise the value and awareness of the Alaska Seafood brand including retail and foodservice promotions, technical seminars, chef and retailer training, Alaska in-bound missions for members of the overseas trade and press, trade shows, out-bound trade missions, advertising and public relations.

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Feeding Alaska and Beyond

Alaska’s seafood industry donates hundreds of thousands of nutritious seafood meals to Alaska’s food banks each year. Protecting people also protects wild fishery resources and America’s food security.
Food Security & Alaska Seafood

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