The International Marketing Program

The International Program promotes Alaska Seafood in key markets in Japan, China, Europe, Southeast Asia and South America. Nine regional programs in over 40 countries conduct activities designed to raise the value and awareness of the Alaska Seafood brand including retail and foodservice promotions, technical seminars, chef and retailer training, Alaska in-bound missions for members of the overseas trade and press, trade shows, out-bound trade missions, advertising and public relations.

The Alaska Seafood Brand on the Global Stage

ASMI International monitors trends across the globe. ASMI has made strides in e-commerce in markets like China, Japan and the U.K., resulting in millions of dollars of Alaska seafood products sold online. Emerging markets offer an opportunity for ASMI to increase the overall value of the Alaska Seafood resource by growing worldwide demand. Each of ASMI’s overseas markets differ, but in all markets the Alaska brand is known for quality, purity, sustainability and great taste.

Fact: In China, 89% of consumers say they would purchase Alaska seafood if available and at a reasonable price

Fact: In Japan, 93% of the trade feels that Alaska is a credible source of sustainable seafood.

Fact: In Spain, Portugal and Italy, 80% of the trade is aware of the inherent sustainability of Alaska Seafood.

ASMI International Support Sources


Alaska Seafood overseas marketing activities receive substantial support from the federal government through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  ASMI applies annually for USDA funds from the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) through the Market Access Program (MAP).

The amount of MAP funds awarded to ASMI, and the timing of their receipt, are subject to annual congressional budget appropriation. The in-depth research that ASMI International conducts each year and the high– level of involvement by the Alaska seafood industry through the ASMI committee process, both contribute to the International Program’s continued successful application for MAP funding.


ASMI International also participates in several Global Based Initiatives (GBIs) funded by FAS. These programs build international goodwill and provide potential emerging markets with opportunities to develop a taste and preference for Alaska canned salmon, herring and other products, as available.

ASMI also participates in the U.S. Sustainability Alliance GBI which targets the European market with a unified voice representing American products and American sustainability practices. For more information, visit “This Is How We Grow.”


The Agricultural Trade Promotion Program (ATP) will help U.S. agricultural exporters develop new markets and will help mitigate the adverse effects of other countries’ tariff and non-tariff barriers. The ATP provides cost-share assistance to eligible U.S. organizations for activities such as consumer advertising, public relations, point-of-sale demonstrations, participation in trade fairs and exhibits, market research, and technical assistance. The ATP is available to all sectors of U.S. agriculture, including fish and forest product producers, mainly through partnerships with non-profit national and regional organizations.

ASMI Around the World

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Exporter Resources

The international marketplace is ever-changing. ASMI’s overseas offices are great resources for those new to Alaska Seafood exports and for seasoned veterans. Listed below are links to additional resources.


A Guide to Exporting Fishery Products

US Department of Agriculture

Exporting Seafood to the European Union

US Department of Commerce


Alaska Export Assistance Center

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Export Assistance Center in Anchorage, Alaska, with many global links.

Foreign Agricultural Service

FAS’s Fish and Seafood site. Contains market and attaché reports, trade policy, and more.

Office of International Trade

The State of Alaska Office of the Governor site, specializing in promoting trade and investment.

U.S. Export Assistance Center

Directory of the Small Business Administration’s U.S. Export Assistance Centers.

National Marine Fisheries Service

Trade resources with statistics, tariff schedules, special reports, and a guide for exporting to Europe.

World Trade Center Alaska

Link to World Trade Center site, with information about xxxx.

Export-Import Bank of U.S.

U.S. resource with information for trade financing

American Indian Food Program

Administered by the Intertribal Agriculture Council (IAC), and funded through the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service. The program works with tribal and American Indian owned businesses to provide export education.

Fisherman’s Direct Marketing Materials

A comprehensive guide on how to direct market seafood. Available in PDF format.

ASMI Sales Aids & Literature

ASMI offers merchandising tools. To order sales aids and tools, please contact your ASMI contractor.


Filet of Sole


Wild Alaska Rockfish

Fish Soup Bee Hoon

Salmon Caesar Salad