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Social Responsibility

Protecting both the seafood and the people

Resource Utilization 20The Alaska seafood industry operates under a comprehensive suite of laws and regulations to create a safe and fair working environment for all participants.

These regulations are an important foundation in fostering a culture of social responsibility in the Alaska seafood industry, which is the third-largest job creator in the state. For many rural Alaska communities, the seafood industry is among the largest sources of employment, wages and tax revenue.

Workers in Alaska are protected under multiple laws and organizations

Fisheries in Alaska operate under a broad list of federal and state laws and regulations ensuring workplace safety. Compliance is ensured through rigorous inspections and enforcement. Use the links below to learn more about these entities.

In Alaska food security takes priority over industry

Our fisheries management system prioritizes subsistence fishing, which is the customary and traditional harvesting and use of wild seafood for food and cultural significance, an important part of life in rural Alaska.
Global Food Security & Alaska Seafood
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Families & Communities

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Fisheries Management

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