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Families & Communities

The heart and soul of Alaska’s seafood industry

Resource Utilization 17Alaska’s fishing families hand down fishing practices from generation to generation and believe passionately in the importance of sustainability.

In fact, many communities’ way of life depends on healthy wild fish stocks. That’s why Alaska fishermen and fishing communities are so dedicated to upholding Alaska’s strict fishing laws, using sustainable harvesting methods, and adhering to the latest scientific data and other robust fisheries management policies, ensuring this valuable source of protein and nutrients continues to provide food security to many people around the world.

The seafood industry is the largest private sector employer in Alaska.

Meet the People Behind the Fish

One way Alaska puts families and communities first

The Western Alaska Community Development Quota (CDQ) Program provides eligible villages the opportunity to participate and invest in fisheries; supports economic development; alleviates poverty and provides economic and social benefits for residents; and achieves sustainable and diversified local economies.

There are 65 communities associated with the CDQ program, 80% of those communities are Alaska Natives. Monies derived from the CDQ program totals in the hundreds of millions annually to the eligible communities.


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