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Julianne Curry

Southeast Halibut and Sablefish, Southeast Herring Sac Roe, Salmon Purse Seine

I get to harvest a 100% renewable resource in an amazing state and carry on the tradition of four generations of my family fishing

How did you get started fishing?

I’m a fourth generation Petersburg based fisherman, I started with my sisters on my father’s 58 foot seine vessel.

What makes fishing in Alaska special to you?

That sustainability is built into our constitution and we have the best managed fisheries in the world.

What does sustainability or sustainable fisheries mean to you?

Sustainability means that every generation after me gets to enjoy the same fishing resources I do, and that my great great grandfather did.

Julianne Curry 1
Julianne Curry

What do you love about Alaska?

Alaska is a big state with a small town feel, we take care of each other!

What’s your favorite way to eat/prepare/cook the fish you catch?

I have to pick just one?! I love to BBQ a fresh fillet of salmon in the summer for family and friends, make quick and easy tacos out of whatever halibut cheeks, rockfish, cod or other whitefish from my freezer, make a bowl out of fish and rice and whatever I have in my fridge, or making a quick curry out of any type of whitefish.

Do you have a fishing philosophy?

Take care of your fish, we are feeding the world.

What do you want consumers to know about fishing in Alaska?

Alaska has the best fisheries management in the world, and we are proud to provide the highest quality protein on the planet.

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