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Carley Moller

Salmon, Dungeness Crab, and Spot Prawns

The feeling you get when you haul a pot is completely worth the sleepless nights.

How did you get started in fishing/seafood industry?

I started fishing at the age of 13. My father, who fished in the Bering Sea, wanted his kids to experience the kind of life he grew up with. It’s been an amazing lifestyle and I absolutely love it.

Describe one of your favorite fishing moments?

A recent favorite was hauling my first commercial crab pot. This past year both my dad and I bought Dungeness crab permits. I now know why he loves to crab: the feeling you get when you haul a pot is completely worth the sleepless nights.

What does an average day of work look like for you?

Often the days never end…especially because we go right from gillnetting into crabbing. We do a quick turnover and convert the boat for crab, usually heading in for just one day to resupply.

Carley Moller 1
Carley Moller

What’s been your scariest fishing moment?

I think the scariest was when I first ran the boat for myself. It was a massive perspective change. I had no idea the responsibility and the different level of awareness you have to have when you run a boat. Let’s just say I didn’t sleep much.

How do you care for, show love and pride for the seafood and for your work?

I take pride in being an Alaskan Fisherman. I love the sea and completely respect it. As a direct marketer I know and understand the quality that is expected from wild Alaskan seafood. I take care of every fish, pressure bleeding it and slush icing it so that we can provide the best quality protein. Caring for fish throughout the process is respecting it, and allows it to reach its full, high quality potential.

What is your favorite way to cook the fish you catch?

My favorite is right out of the water and with a little salt and pepper. It really doesn’t need anything else.

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