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McKenzie Daigle
Strong at Sea

Salmon (seiner)

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I love the simplicity of fishing. You get a break from the hustle of life on land. You are only required to think about catching fish, boat work, eating and sleeping. Life feels relatively easy to manage on the water; your work, kitchen, bathroom and play area are all right there on the boat.

Why is fishing important to you?

Fishing is important to me because it draws together a unique group of people who are all chasing after a specific lifestyle. It is a little bit risky and requires grit and strength. Fishing doesn’t care about how you look, your past, nor your quirks. As long as you can work hard and be decent to your fellow crew, fishing will welcome you. Even though you’re “trapped” on a boat in the middle of nowhere, fishing makes you feel free to be exactly who you are.

What makes fishing in Alaska special to you?

Fishing in Alaska is special to me because it lets me see some of the world’s most pristine wilderness. That is a huge privilege these days.

Strong at Sea

The “Strong At Sea” collection celebrates the women fishing Alaska’s waters for wild, natural and sustainable seafood. Captured on deck during the summer of 2019 in the Copper River and Prince William Sound fishing areas, these female fishermen represent the heart and soul of Alaska’s commercial fleet.

McKenzie Daigle 2
McKenzie Daigle 1

What’s your favorite memory from fishing?

One day, for our very first set of the opener, we laid out our net in the opposite direction of the other boats around us. We were worried that it was a poor call to orient our net in that way since no one else was doing it. But when we pulled the fish onboard, we discovered that our set was many times the size of the other guys! After that, everyone around us switched directions because they saw how well we did. It was a big win for the Centurion team.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sustainability is the key to allowing all living things to keep on living. The world is fragile and deserves our effort to keep it going.

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