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Stephanie Jurries

Sea Cucumber, Geoduck (diver)

By purchasing wild caught Alaska seafood, you are having a direct impact on real people.

What is your favorite memory from fishing?

There are so many special times I have had while fishing. There are always things that happen that are interesting or exciting, like seeing a curious juvenile seal watch me from just 20 feet away, or interacting with giant pacific octopus, or when sea lions (which are like torpedoes underwater), come at me out of nowhere and pull up just a foot from my face.

What’s your favorite way to eat/prepare/cook the fish you catch?

Sea cucumbers are really delicious made into a chowder or dip. The meat is similar to clam meat in that it is sweet and tastes of the ocean. But the best fish ever, is white king salmon grilled with alder wood on the BBQ. I could eat it every day forever and never get tired of it.

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Why is fishing important to you?

Having sustainable fisheries in our small remote communities is really important for the long-term sustainability of the economy. Small towns such as Craig, where I live, rely on these fisheries to get people through the winter. We have a finite number of ways for people to make a living in these areas, and it is important to be able to have that stable economic base.

What do you want consumers to know about fishing in Alaska?

I want consumers to know that they are truly supporting small family operations. I know so many boats where a son or daughter fishes with their mom or dad, where a husband and wife team truly make their entire living on the water. They should know that we really do care about the long-term sustainability of the fisheries and that by purchasing wild caught Alaska seafood, they are having a direct impact on real people.

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