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Alaska rockfish is excellent whether sautéed, roasted, broiled or grilled, and perfect paired with rubs, marinades or sauces.


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Alaska is home to many species of Rockfish including Northern, dusky, canary, widow, shortraker, rougheye, thornyhead, Pacific Ocean perch, and many more.

120 years

Many species of rockfish are extremely long-lived, with some living over 120 years!


Rockfish have been harvested in Alaska since humans first settled in the region. Their bones have been found in archaeological digs dating back 9000 years.

3 species

37 species of rockfish live in Alaska waters, however 3 species represent over 90% of the harvest, with Pacific Ocean Perch (pictured above) the most abundant.


Wild Alaska rockfish is packed with lean, high quality protein.

The high protein content of wild Alaska rockfish is easily digestible, and has all nine amino acids the body can’t produce itself — a complete protein of the highest quality.

Benefits of complete high quality protein include building and maintaining lean body mass, metabolism regulation, improved satiation—leading to lower intake and possible weight loss, and stronger muscles, resulting in greater mobility, strength, and dexterity.

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DV = Daily Value // 3.0 oz = 85g Source: USDA Standard Reference Release 28
Omega 3
Vitamin D
3.9mcg (26% DV)
65mcg (118% DV)

Harvesting & Seasonality

Wild Alaska rockfish is harvested primarily January through November, though due to the wide array of species different varieties are harvested year round in each region.

Seasonality & Harvesting 6

Alaska rockfish are harvested by both mid-water and bottom trawling, jigging, and longlining.

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Sustainability & Environment

Due to the varied types of rockfish available in Alaska waters, state and federal agencies collaborate and divide the species into management groups based on habitat and distribution. Quotas are set for each species and allocated among fishermen. This quota is determined from the previous year’s catch data and in-season monitoring through record-keeping, detailed reporting requirements, and observer monitoring. With these detailed schemes in place, Alaska’s fishery managers ensure rockfish will be sustainably harvested for generations to come.


The Alaska rockfish fishery is certified under two independent certification standards for sustainable fisheries:

Protective parents, rockfish give birth to live young rather than laying eggs and defend them during early development after they are born.

A slow grower, Alaska rockfish take far longer to reach reproductive age and size than most species.
Rockfish can be both pelagic (open water) and non-pelagic (bottom-dwelling) but both stay close to rocky structures.

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Product Forms & Availability

Wild Alaska rockfish is available primarily frozen in the following product forms: dressed whole without the head, fillets.

Find Alaska rockfish in your local grocer in the frozen section Unsure about origin? Just #AskforAlaska.

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This tender, mild and meaty fish is versatile and lean, makes a perfect beer battered taco and is great for marinating. Perfect for poaching, steaming and sautéing.

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