Bristol Bay Setnet fishing

Alaska’s Commercial Fishermen are vital to ASMI’s success. Consumers are fascinated by the stories of Alaska’s fishermen and their families harvesting wild seafood in Alaska’s pure and icy waters. The commercial fishing industry provides the majority of  ASMI’s funding and so it is very important that the fleet be aware of ASMI’s marketing activities and be able to engage meaningfully whenever possible.

Tools for Fishermen


ASMI produces The Wheelwatch, a newsletter for the fleet- check it out and sign up to receive one by mail here.

Fishermen Ambassador Program

Sign up to help promote Alaska’s seafood. You’ll be in the know when ASMI is bringing media members to your town, when there are opportunities to attend meetings, trade shows, cooking demonstrations and more.

Direct Marketing Tools

If you’re interested in direct marketing your own catch, we have tons of resources, including a direct marketer’s manual, a media library, technical support and quality control, point of sale merchandising tools, and a directory of Alaska Seafood suppliers.

We’d like to hear about ideas you have to market Alaska Seafood. Your input is important, because we’re all in the same boat!