New Research Confirms Alaska Origin Preference among Japanese Seafood Consumers

Alaska logo and origin motivate purchase in 80% of consumers

Juneau, Alaska. June 29, 2021 – The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) received new consumer data affirming the market importance of the Alaska brand in a recent online survey among Japanese consumers. Roughly 80% of consumers surveyed stated that they would be “more motivated to buy products that were marked as (from Alaska),” according to the survey commissioned by ASMI to better understand the market preferences for Alaska seafood amid changing consumer behaviors in response to the pandemic.  More specifically, if the ASMI logo is present, 79.6% of consumers surveyed said they would purchase the product, and 77.1% of consumers stated they would be more likely to purchase if “Alaska” or “Alaskan” is written on the packaging to denote product origin.

The consumer survey conducted among 1,000 consumers living in Japan also found that they find the following characteristics (translated from Japanese) as the most favorable attributes of Alaska Seafood:

  • Wild Deliciousness (63.2%)
  • Great Nature (49.1%)
  • Clean Ocean (45.3%)
  • Freshly frozen (44.1%)

ASMI conducts targeted consumer and trade marketing programs in Japan, in addition to the U.S. and 40 other countries around the globe, designed to raise awareness of the Alaska brand and the key differentiating qualities of Alaska seafood. The marketing organization plans to utilize this latest consumer research to increase usage of the ASMI logo and Alaska origin on packaging and in marketing and displays to increase the visibility and value of the Alaska brand in the highly mature Japan market.

“We had to adjust our strategy and tactics in all of our markets which were hit hard by the pandemic and required new data to guide our efforts,” explains Hannah Lindoff, Senior Director of Global Marketing and Strategy for ASMI.

Similar recent consumer studies in the U.S. also found that the placement of the Alaska Seafood logo and origin at the point of purchase drives consumer preference and sales at retail and foodservice in the domestic market. The retail study, conducted with Datassential Research, found that 73% of survey seafood shoppers are more likely to purchase when “Alaska Seafood” is included on the package, and 73% of consumers would pay more for a product when the Alaska Seafood logo is displayed.

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The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is a partnership between the State of Alaska and the Alaska seafood industry promoting the benefits of wild and sustainable Alaska seafood and offering seafood industry education. The seafood industry is Alaska’s largest basic private sector employer with nearly 60 percent of all wild seafood and 90-95 percent of wild salmon harvested in the U.S. coming from Alaska.

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