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New Alaska Seafood Videos Wrap Up Multi-Year Project

August 16, 2023 | Announcements, Blog Posts, Press Releases
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ASMI is thrilled to announce the release of our latest video project, the end cap to a larger series, with the Alaska Seafood brand anthem we are calling “Wild Alaska Seafood: Our Story”, which showcases Alaska Seafood in all its glory.  


According to Tanna Peters, ASMI’s Digital Marketing Manager, this project has been years in the making.

'Wild Alaska Seafood: Our Story' captures the essence of Alaska seafood and everything it represents. We want viewers to feel the excitement and joy that we experience when we think about this incredible product.

The video features stunning visuals and upbeat music, bringing the Alaska Seafood story to life in a fresh and modern way.

The video is part of a larger initiative that ASMI has undertaken in recent years. The multi-year photo and video project includes species-specific videos in both horizontal and vertical format, for each of the key commercial species of Alaska seafood (halibut, sablefish, sole/flounder, Alaska pollock, rockfish, cod, crab, sockeye, keta, pink, king and coho salmon), providing a comprehensive look at the harvesting methods, health and nutritional aspects and culinary applications of each incredible species.

ASMI’s sustainability video series is an equally impressive component of this project. The six videos include a broad overview of sustainability in Alaska, supported by five videos delving deeper into each of the five pillars of Alaska’s sustainability story; fisheries management, families and communities, certification, social responsibility, and resource utilization.

This video acquisition project also supported the refresh of the Alaska Seafood U® platform with 8 new videos, plus 6 short videos as part of the Wild Alaska Seafood & Your Health collection, as well as the Seafood Sustains Alaska campaign series.

We’re thrilled to share these videos with our industry partners and consumers alike. As part of our mission to celebrate and promote the Alaska Seafood brand, we encourage our partners to utilize these brand, species and sustainability videos in their marketing efforts and on social media platforms. By showcasing the unique qualities of Alaska seafood and the sustainable fishing practices that go into every catch, we can continue to drive consumer awareness and demand for this high-quality product. These videos are available on our @AlaskaSeafood youtube channel, on, and in the ASMI Media Library.

Alaska Seafood Youtube Channel

In coming months, stay tuned for more photography stills and b-roll video to be released as part of this ongoing effort. These resources will be a valuable tool for our partners to further educate their customers on the benefits of choosing Alaska seafood.