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Sole (Flounder)

Sole (Flounder)

Alaska sole, also known as flounder, has a delicate, mild flavor perfect for poaching, sautéing, or steaming. There are more than 10 species of flatfish which include above-pictured Alaska Flathead Sole, as well as these six species listed below.

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More than 10 species of flatfish are harvested in Alaska


Due to the wide array of species, different varieties of flatfish are harvested all year long.


Various flatfish harvests contribute around 1200 jobs.


Vitamin D
3.0mcg (20% DV)
Omega 3
28mcg (51% DV)
Alaska flatfish is packed with lean, high quality protein.

The high protein content of wild Alaska flatfish is easily digestible, and has all nine amino acids the body can’t produce itself — a complete protein of the highest quality.

Benefits of complete high quality protein:

  • Build and maintain lean body mass
  • Regulation of metabolism
  • Improved satiation—leading to lower intake and possible weight loss
  • Stronger muscles, resulting in greater mobility, strength, and dexterity
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DV = Daily Value // 3.0 oz = 85g Source: USDA Standard Reference Release 28

Harvesting & Seasonality

Wild Alaska flatfish are harvested throughout the year in the gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea.

Seasonality & Harvesting 6

Alaska flatfish are caught using bottom trawl gear. Trawlers use sophisticated devices to detect and identify fish underwater, allowing vessels to avoid catching non-targeted species and determine where to tow the gear in relation to the fish and the ocean floor. Vessels tow the net just above the ocean floor using rollers to avoid harming the habitat.

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Sustainability & Environment

Due to the varied types of flatfish available in Alaska waters, state and federal agencies collaborate and divide the species into management groups based on habitat and distribution. Quotas are set for each species and allocated among fishermen. This quota is determined from the previous year’s catch data and in-season monitoring through record-keeping, detailed reporting requirements, and observer monitoring. With these detailed schemes in place, Alaska’s fishery managers ensure flatfish will be sustainably harvested for generations to come.

Nearly all Alaska flatfish are certified under two independent certification standards for sustainable fisheries:

Combined, Alaska flatfish account for the third largest landings by volume from Alaska waters.

Flatfish start life shaped like normal fish, but flatten within a few weeks of hatching. All flatfish have both eyes on one side of their head so they can see even when buried on the seafloor.

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Product Forms & Availability

Wild Alaska flatfish are available fresh and frozen year-round.

Find wild Alaska flatfish varieties in your local grocer in the frozen and fresh sections. Unsure about origin? Just #AskforAlaska and look for the Alaska Seafood logo.

Purchase directly from sellers using our supplier’s directory.

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This lean whitefish is forgiving and versatile in the kitchen and is great for recipes that include steaming, poaching, and sautéing.

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