Alaska Sablefish Indian Fish Fry with Masala Aioli

Serves Serves 4
Prep Time 0 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes

16 portions of Alaska sablefish, 1-2 oz pieces each, skin and bones removed

2 cups milk

2 ea egg yolks

1 oz salt, for milk

1 cup wondra flour, or super fine flour

1 cup corn starch

2 oz madras curry

1 gallon canola oil

1 cup mayonnaise

1 oz ras al hanout spice



Lime for squeeze of lime on top, served cut on the final plating


You will also need

Tabletop fryer, or pot fitted with thermometer, set to 350° F


Recipe by Chef Neal Fraser 

"Alaska sablefish is one of my favorites. It is super resilient to being overcooked and maintains moisture." - Chef Fraser


For the aioli:

Mix ras al hanout with mayonnaise. Season with salt and pepper.


For the fish fry:

Soak sablefish pieces in milk for 1 hour. Make a dip with egg yolks and 2 oz of milk. Put fish in dredge of corn starch, flour and curry. Put fish in egg mix. Return to flour mix. Fry fish at 350° F until golden brown. Garnish plate with aioli in a ramekin, with a slice of lime on the side.