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Make the Wild Choice #askforalaska

There’s a better choice when it comes to seafood. 

 Wild and sustainable, seafood from Alaska is free to roam miles of ocean and roaring icy rivers, and is responsibly sourced by fisherman at just the right moment and in just the right way. This all adds up to superior wild seafood, deep in color, rich in flavor and packed full of vitamins, minerals and omega-3s

Make the wild choice. #AskForAlaska.


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Choosing wild seafood from Alaska has many benefits, including sustainability, taste and nutrition. Why do you Make the Wild Choice? Share your why on our @AlaskaSeafood Instagram or Facebook posts, and you and a guest could be headed to Alaska (see rules below).

As Alaska and seafood are synonymous, the prize features the best travel destinations and seafood activities provided by Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) and Travel Alaska, with airfare to Alaska from our friends at Alaska Airlines. Enter by November 18, 2022.

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Alaska Seafood Ambassadors Make The Wild Choice

Chefs like Melissa King are committed to wild and sustainable fish.

When you Make the Wild Choice and #AskForAlaska, you’re not alone.

Chef Melissa King is a Top Chef All-Stars winner and entrepreneur who believes the wild and natural environment of Alaska produces flavorful seafood that is easier and faster to cook than almost any other protein.

Follow and connect with Chef Melissa, and try her recipes made just for Alaska seafood below. Plus, connect with more Alaska seafood ambassadors who regularly share their expertise and tips for cooking with and choosing wild Alaska seafood

More Alaska Seafood Ambassadors

Make the Wild Choice 32

Fisherman Maeva Waterman

Follow @MaevaWaterman
Make the Wild Choice 39

Fisherman Hannah Heimbuch

Follow @hanasaurus.rex
Make the Wild Choice 17

Fisherman Tracy Welch, Executive Director of United Fishermen of Alaska

United Fisherman of Alaska
Make the Wild Choice 38

Chef Erik Slater

Barton Seaver

Chef Barton Seaver

Follow Barton
Make the Wild Choice 37

Chef Keith Brunell, Culinary Director at Nordstrom

Make the Wild Choice 36

David Sanz, Meat & Seafood Merchandiser for PCC Community Markets

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Are you a member of Alaska's Seafood Industry? Download the Make the Wild Choice campaign toolkit to share and get involved.
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From amazing fishing families, to processors and consumers all over the world, we are thankful for everyone that supports the Alaska seafood industry and helps make Alaska a global leader in sustainable seafood. 

Tag someone you are thankful for below. ❤️🎣
There is always something to smile about when there are family owned-businesses that provide you with the best seafood all year long. 😄

📸: @ivanoffseafood
We are taking a deep "dive" into the people behind the fish that shape Alaska coastal communities and harvest the highest quality seafood. 🌊🔎

Forrest Bowers has been a proud member of the Alaska seafood industry for over 30 years. As Deputy Director for the Division of Commercial Fisheries, he coordinates statewide fishery management for various commercial fisheries. Bowers is passionate about ensuring seafood consumer have the best product available. Learn more about his story at the (🔗 in bio).
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