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Lionel Uddipa

Chef/Owner Red Spruce Restaurant

Nel Uddipa is an acclaimed chef from Juneau, Alaska known for his innovative approach to global cuisine. Nel has honed his culinary skills in renowned restaurants across the country, including the legendary Estancia at the La Jolla resort and The Lodge at Torrey Pines. His time in these culinary hotspots enriched his culinary repertoire, infusing his Alaskan roots and Filipino heritage with a diverse range of flavors and techniques.

After spending time staging in Chicago, Nel moved back to his home of Juneau, Alaska and became the executive chef at Salt restaurant.  After taking home 1st place at the Great American Seafood Cook Off in 2017, Nel was featured on Gordon Ramsey’s “Uncharted” reality show where he guided Chef Ramsey on a foraging expedition. In January of 2020, Nel opened Red Spruce restaurant, which specializes in global street food and features many species of wild Alaska seafood.

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