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Laura Cole

Chef/Owner of 229 Parks

Laura Cole is the owner and executive chef of 229 Parks Restaurant in Denali National Park. She has been on the forefront in identifying, developing and pushing the boundaries of Alaskan Cuisine.

She is also the executive director and executive chef of Culinary Adventures with Laura Cole.

Utilizing Alaska’s natural bounty through deep relationships with small scale ranchers, farmers, foragers, fishermen and women. Creating and executing menus that highlight the unique delicacies that Alaska has to offer. Laura has earned many professional accolades and accreditations throughout her culinary career.  She has been featured in many publications including the Washington Post, NY Times, Food and Wine, and many more.  She has been nominated for Best Chef Northwest by the James Beard Foundation four times consecutively and also was a contestant on Top Chef with the Bravo network.

It is Laura’s personal and professional mission the nourish and nurture all those who come to her table.

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