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Calcium Compounds to Improve Gel Functionality of Pacific Whiting and Alaska Pollock Surimi

June 4, 2021 | Food Science


The effect of calcium compounds during three thermal treatments with or without setting was studied. Formation of cross-linking was investigated using SDS-PAGE. Solubility varied. Calcium acetate, chloride, and caseinate were extremely soluble. Calcium lactate had good solubility at 0.2% or higher, then in descending order were phosphate, citrate, sulfate, and carbonate. Effects of temperature on solubility were not measurable except for caseinate. When 25°C setting was applied to surimi, calcium was most effective. Effect of calcium on shear stress was dependent on species, setting temperature, and specific compound. SDS-PAGE indicated that improved gel functionality was likely due to Ca++-dependent trans-glutaminase. Shear strain values were not affected by adding calcium compounds regardless of species or thermal treatments.

Publication: Journal of Food Science, Volume 63, Issue 6