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Functional Protein Additives in Surimi Gels

June 4, 2021 | Alaska Specific, Food Science


Medium-grade Alaska pollock surimi was used to investigate the effects of functional protein additives on texture and colors. Torsion failure and differential scanning calorimetry tests were applied to measure gel strength, gel deformability, and calorimetric properties. CIE Lab color values were also measured. Shear stress values of gels and peak temperature of DSC thermograms were all increased. Shear strain, a good indicator of protein-protein interaction, was increased only by addition of egg white and beef plasma protein. Yellowness (b*) values were affected by all additives except frozen egg white. Whiteness index (L*-3b*) was a more effective indicator to differentiate additives.

Publication: Journal of Food Science, Volume 59, Issue 3