Seafood Trade Task Force Seeks Industry Input to Develop Trade Strategy

July 2020 – The Seafood Trade Task Force, a federal interagency body established through the May 7, 2020 Executive Order, seeks written public input by August 1 on how the Administration can best achieve the Seafood Trade Task Force objectives. The request for information (RFI) from NOAA includes but is not limited to, responses to the following questions to inform the Task Force recommendations on the development of a comprehensive interagency seafood trade strategy:

1. Which seafood products (to include fish, shellfish, and processed fish and seafood products) are you currently exporting? Please provide the Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) codes for these products.

2. To which countries or other trading partners are you currently exporting?

3. Are there countries or other trading partners to which you are planning to export, or to which you would like to export? Please specify.

4. Are there issues in the markets you currently export to that limit your exports or unnecessarily increase the costs for your exports? Please specify.

5. Are there issues in other markets that have prevented you from exporting? Please specify.

6. Are there other issues that affect the competitiveness of your product in foreign markets? Please specify.

7. Are there barriers that prevent the export of your product to certain markets? Please specify.

Responses to these questions should be submitted to by August 1, 2020. Please include “RFI Response: Interagency Seafood Trade Task Force” in the subject line of the message.

See the Federal Register Announcement for more details and contact Hannah Lindoff, ASMI Senior Director of Global Marketing & Strategy, with questions or to receive more information.