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Weathervane Scallop

Weathervane Scallop

Weathervane Scallops, also known as Alaska scallops, are renowned for their size and are the largest scallops available anywhere in the world. With their sweet flavor and melt-in-your-mouth texture, they more than live up to their reputation as the world’s finest and freshest scallops.

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Scientific Name: Patinopecten caurinus


Weathervane scallops shells may reach 8 inches or larger at maturity.


Alaska weathervane scallops are 100% natural, with no artificial treatments or additives.


Omega 3
Wild Alaska scallops are packed with lean, high quality protein.

The high protein content of wild Alaska Weathervane scallops is easily digestible, and has all nine amino acids the body can’t produce itself — a complete protein of the highest quality.

Benefits of complete high quality protein include building and maintaining lean body mass, metabolism regulation, improved satiation—leading to lower intake and possible weight loss, and stronger muscles, resulting in greater mobility, strength, and dexterity.

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DV = Daily Value // 3.0 oz = 85g Source: USDA Standard Reference Release 28

Harvesting & Seasonality

Alaska scallops are harvested from early July through mid-February in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska and are subject to harvest quotas and bycatch limits for each harvest area.

Non-Crab shellfish harvesting seasons calendar

Weathervane scallops are harvested from icy, clean Alaskan waters by a carefully regulated dredge fishery, then immediately hand-shucked and frozen at sea.

Found on sand, gravel, and rock bottoms from 45 to 182 meters.

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Product Forms & Availability

Wild Alaska weathervane scallops are consistent in size as well as appearance, flavor and texture, Alaska Scallops are available in a variety of different sizes that make them suitable for many kinds of recipes. Larger scallops make for a dramatic appetizer or entrée, while smaller scallops are perfect for pasta dishes and mixed seafood grills.

Find Alaska scallops in your local grocer in the frozen section. Unsure about origin? Just #AskforAlaska.

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With sweet, tender yet firm, buttery meat that is creamy in color and turns opalescent white when cooked, Alaska Scallops lend themselves to a variety of elegant presentations, whether grilled, sautéed, or broiled.

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