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How to Find

Looking for sustainable, delicious, healthy seafood?
Just Ask for Alaska.

There are many ways to choose wild Alaska Seafood wherever you shop or dine.

At your local grocery store, from your favorite restaurant or online retailer, or in the Alaska Seafood Marketplace, just make sure you #AskforAlaska!

How to Find

Look for the Logo

World class seafood is right here at home. Look for the Alaska Seafood logo on packaging, on the menu or at the seafood case to ensure you’re getting wild and delicious seafood from Alaska.
Where to Find

Explore the Marketplace

Browse and directly contact suppliers of Alaska seafood at the Alaska Seafood Marketplace. No need to log in, just use the contact form on any listing to reach suppliers directly!
Search the Alaska Seafood Online Marketplace
DIY Alaska Salmon Hand Rolls

Shop our Recipes

Use the shoppable "Get Ingredients" button available on our recipes to shop ingredients directly from your local retailers.

Find Your Favorite Recipe

With hundreds of recipes to choose from for every cooking style and craving, the Alaska Seafood recipe collection has something for everyone.
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Do you sell and support Alaska seafood?

Let buyers easily find you by creating an account in the Alaska Seafood Online Marketplace today.

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How to Prep and Cook Alaska Seafood

How To Grill Frozen Wild Alaska Salmon
How to Poach Frozen Wild Alaska Halibut
How to Pan Sear Frozen Wild Alaska Cod
How to Poach Frozen Wild Alaska Halibut
How To Quick-Thaw Frozen Wild Alaska Salmon
How To Cook Frozen Wild Alaska Salmon In An Instant Pot

That's just the beginning . . .

From chef-made videos, to cookbooks, recipes, tips and tricks – when it comes to Alaska seafood, we make it easy! Find out how to get dinner from the freezer to your plate in just 15 minutes.

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Supporting Alaska’s Communities

Alaska’s fishing families, companies and communities are committed to keeping communities healthy and safe while harvesting sustainable protein to feed the world.
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Have questions about Alaska seafood or looking to get in touch? Drop us a line!

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