Habitat Protection

  • In Alaska, protecting the future of fish stocks and the environment takes priority over opportunities for commercial harvest
  • Alaska’s precautionary approach ensures the needs of the stocks and ecosystem are met, first and foremost
  • It’s constantly improving as new science becomes available
  • No species of Alaska seafood has ever been listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act
  • The federal government and the State of Alaska work together to monitor and protect this pristine environment and to make sure that Alaska’s aquatic habitats and ecosystems are protected from the impacts of development activities
  • The State of Alaska’s fish habitat protection statutes reflect Alaskans’ belief that fish species and habitats are assets that must be protected from unnecessary or inadvertent disturbance or destruction from human activities
  • Over 40 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) have been established to protect ecological structure and function, locate control sites for scientific research studies, conserve bottom habitat, protect vulnerable stocks, and preserve cultural resources
  • Of these 40 Marine Protected Areas, 31 prohibit either all commercial fishing or all bottom contact gear, such as trawls