The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) Board of Directors is the RFM Program owner and the approving body for all standards, strategy and policy related to the RFM Program.

Three advisory committees work with the RFM Team and have input into the RFM program. These committees make policy and work product recommendations to the ASMI Board for approval.

The RFM Team is made up of ASMI staff and expert consultants who manage the operations of the program and work with all three committees and the Board on RFM matters, including Standards Development.

The RFM seal in this diagram represents the RFM Program.

Advisory Committees

RFM Committee
The RFM Committee is appointed by the ASMI Board and makes Program strategy and policy recommendations to the Board. The RFM Committee receives work products from the Technical and Fisheries Standard Committee and reviews recommendations made by each, which are then forwarded to the ASMI Board for final approval.

The Technical Committee
The Technical Committee is appointed by the Board and oversees the ongoing review and development of the Chain of Custody Standard.

The Fisheries Standard Committee (formerly the Conformance Criteria Committee)
The Fisheries Standard Committee (FSC) is appointed by the Board and oversees the ongoing review and development of the Fisheries Standard.

Certification Process

Accreditation Bodies are approved by the International Accreditation Forum. Accreditation Bodies extend accreditation to Certification Bodies. Certification Bodies assess and certify the client fisheries and chain of custody clients of the RFM program.


All ASMI Board Meetings and Committee Meetings are open to the public and are made public record. The RFM staff members are available to the public. There are additional opportunities for the public to provide comments or ask questions about the RFM Program and/or participate in the fishery certification process both through formal public comment periods and via the ASMI website.