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Wild Alaska Pollock

High-Quality Abundance, Value and Versatility


Only pollock from Alaska is “Alaska pollock”

The United States Congress passed the federal omnibus spending bill at the end of 2015 which included language changing the name of Gadus chalcogrammus from “Alaska pollock” to “pollock.” The new law, which currently only applies to the U.S, requires that the geographic descriptor “Alaska” be used only on pollock harvested from fish caught in Alaska state waters. This name-changing development is a victory for Alaska and the Alaska pollock producers.

Alaska’s most abundant seafood species, genuine Alaska Pollock is the most versatile of the Alaska whitefish varieties. Alaska Pollock delivers a mild, appealing flavor with consistent snow-white flesh and a tender texture that has excellent flaking qualities, meeting the taste preferences of consumers who prefer more delicate fish.

Alaska Pollock is responsibly managed to ensure continued abundance and is available frozen year-round.