Merchandising Tools

Browse our wide selection of Alaska seafood merchandising tools below by product form, individual species, or theme. Find recipe cards, in-ice signs, posters, case dividers, static clings, on-packs, recipe boxes, brochures and more to energize your retail sales of Alaska seafood. To order materials, email Mark Jones at or call toll free 855-288-8841.



84% of consumers are likely to purchase frozen seafood. *


Put the power of Alaska Seafood’s
COOK IT FROZEN!® techniques to work in your freezer case.

Frozen seafood is one of the fastest-growing retail seafood categories, and with high-quality, portion-controlled frozen seafood from Alaska, there’s no waste, no shrink, and no need to slack product in order to sell it. And that’s a sure recipe for profits.

We’ll provide everything you need to educate customers about the COOK IT FROZEN!® techniques and promote frozen Alaska seafood, from in-store merchandising materials to training, all free of charge. We can also help you create your own ads by providing logos, recipes, attractive food photography and copy assistance.