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Browse our wide selection of Alaska seafood merchandising tools below by product form, individual species, or theme. Find recipe cards, in-ice signs, posters, case dividers, static clings, on-packs, recipe boxes, brochures and more to energize your retail sales of Alaska seafood. To order materials, email Mark Jones at or call toll free 855-288-8841.

Alaska Seafood: 100% Wild, 100% American

Wild Alaska seafood is the lifeblood for over 40 communities across the state. For Alaskans, fishing isn’t just a paycheck; it’s a treasured way of life that draws families together. Often passed from generation to generation, these homegrown jobs require hard work, cooperation and unflagging spirit.

From American waters to American tables, Alaska supplies more than half of our national catch. Alaska’s hardworking fishing families are proud to provide their country with delicious wild seafood and they appreciate your support.

CaseDividerWithBase14″ x 6″ Double-Sided Case Divider
Item #18-031 (Packed in sets of 2)

Use two to configure to 28″ x 6″ for larger case displays

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