Education & Training Materials

Did you know that the seafood person at the store is the leading source of consumer information about seafood?* Customers want information on the origin of the seafood they purchase; when and how it’s harvested, and its nutritional profile. That means your counter staff needs to be educated- they’re your front line in the battle to provide superior service and to build customer loyalty. Give them the tools they need with Alaska Seafood U, our Alaska Seafood Buyer’s Guides, and training videos.


An interactive, web-based training program that provides facts and tips on each of the Alaska seafood species, fisheries management harvesting methods, health/nutrition and cooking and preparation information.

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Alaska Seafood Species Buyer’s Guides

Our buyer’s guides provide facts on Alaska’s species, harvest methodology and seasonal availability as well as nutrition and cooking tips.

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Training Videos

Get information on thawing, fileting and preparing halibut, flatfish and salmon species of Alaska seafood.

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For more information on training opportunities or how to utilize the power of the Alaska brand email Mark Jones at or toll-free at 1-855-288-8841.

* Source: Illuminate for ASMI, 2014