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Northern Lights: Alaska Seafood’s new digital digs

January 7, 2022 | Blog Posts
Northern Lights: Alaska Seafood’s new digital digs

Published in National Fisherman, January 7, 2022

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Guest Author: Tanna Peters


One of the most important lessons we have learned over the past 18 months is the powerful role technology plays in connecting us with the things we value most. That is why we are pleased to announce some of our newest online tools and resources to better serve the Alaska seafood industry.

New Website at

Our new, visually engaging and mobile-friendly website at combines two previously separate websites ( and into one fully integrated online home, creating a single hub for easy-to-find information on Alaska seafood.

Consumers today are more interested than ever in knowing where their food comes from. Having a single online home offers the in-depth information savvy consumers crave — with touchpoints like health and nutrition, sustainability, and easy prep and cook methods — while better serving our industry at the same time. We also know consumers are accessing websites on-the-go now more than ever. This new mobile-friendly first platform serves all of our stakeholders better moving forward.

We started from the bottom up in remodeling this site with our end users in mind, from Alaska fishermen to seasoned seafood industry veterans to the scores of consumers who brought Alaska seafood home for the very first time during the pandemic.

Newly created user experience pathways were developed based on user content needs to ensure that ASMI’s robust offering of assets and information gets delivered quickly to the right audience. For example, the new retail page or “hub” includes the latest retail consumer research and a news and events feed tailored just for the retail audience. The recipe database, a favorite search for consumers, is organized into recipe collections such as Family Friendly, Under 30 Minutes, and Breakfast & Brunch ideas. Much of the institutional information about ASMI itself has been moved to the footers, for easy and quick navigation.

ASMI began the process of rebuilding the website over a year ago by surveying industry participants, auditing existing websites, and creating a content plan based on evolving consumer needs. The new site is operated by ASMI staff, and aligns with industry best practices to deliver powerful search optimization and user analytics moving forward, connecting the Alaska Seafood brand story with targeted online audiences.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Each page of the site is embedded with a feedback collector, so let us know and we will learn how we can improve. Come see what’s new at

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New Direct Marketer Toolkit

Another digital tool we are excited to share is the new Direct Marketer Toolkit Newsletter and updated Market Your Catch page. Following the recent increase in consumer direct buying, which accelerated during the pandemic, ASMI surveyed direct marketers and created a direct marketer toolkit, which aims to help direct marketers leverage the Alaska Seafood brand, logo and ASMI resources.

On the new Market Your Catch webpage, direct marketers will find helpful resources such as consumer research, the Alaska Seafood brand manual, recipe and nutrition info, and staff training materials. To keep marketers up to date with the latest tools, ASMI also initiated the quarterly Direct Marketer Toolkit email, which is a round-up of the most recent and relevant resources and campaigns from across all ASMI programs. Following the direct marketer survey, ASMI also developed a “thank you” card to add to customer purchases, and a “keep frozen” sticker for shipments. The materials are available to order online, look for the Printed Materials Store link in the footer of the website.

New Photos and Videos in the ASMI Media Library

High-quality images and videos are a critical factor that can take your website, social media feed or marketing from good to great. ASMI maintains a robust online collection of industry-specific photography, videos, illustrations, social content and other marketing assets that are available to fishermen, fleet, industry and global partners for the explicit purpose of promoting Alaska seafood. This online media library, also known familiarly as Netx, is updated year-round.

Since 2020, we have added more than 1,000 new assets with everything from product shots to craveable recipe photos, scenes of families and harvesting in-action, species videos, and iconic Alaska landscapes. As with all ASMI resources, these are available at no charge to our partners.

Looking Ahead: Digital Alaska Seafood Marketplace

ASMI’s next undertaking is the rebuilding of our online suppliers directory. Many industry partners are familiar with our annual printed directory of companies offering all varieties of Alaska Seafood in one printed resource guide. But the times, they are a-changin. In order to stay current and competitive in a global market, ASMI has invested in reinventing this online tool.

The new rendition allows for both suppliers and buyers of Alaska seafood to self-enroll in the online forum, take charge of their own profile and listings, and even allows for communication between parties in this powerful new digital Alaska Seafood Marketplace. Of course, users will still be able to quickly search for sellers without creating an account, much like the current directory, so it’s user friendly for everyone.

Anyone from direct marketers to small processors to larger global seafood corporations supplying Alaska Seafood can be listed, and customers will easily be able to search and find exactly what the product they are looking for, but we can’t do it without you. With your help, this tool will help connect sellers of Alaska seafood with eager buyers all over the globe. Look for more information in the coming months from ASMI on the new directory by subscribing to our monthly newsletter or checking the website.

We realize these changes may seem small on the surface, but in today’s hyper connected world, we are excited to be able to share these online tools to give a competitive boost to the Alaska seafood industry. Not unlike getting a new engine in your boat; with more power under the hood you can do more. Staying current and competitive in the digital space helps Alaska suppliers and producers ensure Alaska seafood remains the top choice in the global market. Check us out online at


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Tanna Peters is the Digital Marketing manager at the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute in Juneau, Alaska.

Each month, ASMI curates a column for National Fisherman highlighting topics and issues relevant to Alaska seafood called “Northern Lights” which is authored by rotating voices and organizations from across the industry.