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National Seafood Month Press Release

September 29, 2017 | Announcements, Health & Nutrition, Press Releases

Join the Alaska Seafood Celebration: National Seafood Month

Kicks-off October 1st

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute announces opportunities to celebrate Alaska’s wild seafood and dedicated fishermen throughout October including Alaska Seafood Month and Commercial Fishing Day


Juneau, Alaska – September 29, 2017 – October is National Seafood Month, marking another reason for Americans to celebrate and enjoy the best, most sustainable seafood from the pure, pristine waters of Alaska. To highlight the importance of domestic, sustainable seafood, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is sharing several ways home cooks, chefs, fishermen, retailers and industry members can take part in the occasion through Alaska Seafood Month, Commercial Fishing Day, #AskForAlaska, Alaska Commercial Fishing Video Contest and dozens of partnerships.


Alaska salmon, whitefish and shellfish provide over 60 percent of all the wild-caught seafood harvested in the U.S. In honor of Alaska’s wild, natural and sustainable fisheries and to recognize the men and women working in the Alaska seafood industry, the month of October has also been proclaimed Alaska Seafood Month and October 25 as Commercial Fishing Day by Alaska Governor Bill Walker. Additionally, on October 10, ASMI will announce the winner of the first-ever Alaska Commercial Fishing Video Contest, which will share personal stories about what it takes to bring wild Alaska seafood to market for the world to enjoy.


One of the easiest ways for consumers to enjoy National Seafood Month with wild and natural seafood is to “Ask for Alaska” at the seafood counter, dining hall or local restaurant. Consumers can also look for “Alaska” on frozen and canned seafood packaging, as well as menus. Shoppers can join the discussion online by sharing posts and pictures on social media using #AskForAlaska. For more reasons to #AskForAlaska, check out 7 Reasons to Ask for Alaska Seafood.


Throughout National Seafood Month, ASMI will be collaborating with a variety of partners and supporting events nationwide to bring wild Alaska seafood to foodies, seafood lovers, influential food professionals and newcomers around the country:

  • College students at the University of Massachusetts will participate in a “Pure, Healthy, Simple and Delicious Seafood” night in the dining hall featuring several activities and recipes from Chef John Ash.


Join the celebration throughout National Seafood Month by following Alaska Seafood on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. For more information on seafood from Alaska, including recipe ideas, cooking techniques and nutrition information, visit


About Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute:

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is a partnership of the State of Alaska and the Alaska seafood industry promoting the benefits of wild and sustainable Alaska seafood and offering seafood industry education. The seafood industry is Alaska’s largest private sector employer with nearly 60 percent of all wild seafood and 90-95 percent of wild salmon harvested in the U.S. coming from Alaska. In addition to wild salmon, Alaska is known for its crab and whitefish varieties such as cod, sablefish, halibut, Alaska pollock, sole and rockfish – available fresh or frozen year-round. Alaska has been dedicated to sustainable seafood for more than 50 years and is the only state with a constitution that mandates all seafood be managed under the sustained yield principle. Alaska has taken a leadership role in setting the global standard for precautionary resource management to protect fisheries and surrounding habitats for future generations and leading to an ever-replenishing supply of wild seafood for markets worldwide.



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