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ASMI Organizes “Wild Week” in Madrid, Spain

July 21, 2021 | Activities & Promotions

In order to celebrate World Ocean Day & promote sustainable fishing, ASMI organized a “Wild Week” in collaboration with 9 restaurants in Madrid. Each restaurant offered a special Alaska Seafood menu highlighting the quality and versatility of wild Alaska seafood.


Before the event, each restaurant got a sample kit (1 king salmon, 1 black cod, 500 g of ikura) to be able to try out the products and create the menu. Food photographer Javier Capel took pictures of the chefs and dishes. For the event, all the restaurants received 40 kg of King salmon, 40 kg of Black Cod and 4 kg of Ikura.


Participating Restaurants:

  • Atocha 107 – modern cuisine
  • El Invernadero – Michelin star – sustainable food concept
  • Uemura – Japanese
  • Eguchi – Japanese
  • Fonda Lironda – traditional
  • Carbon Negro – barbecue and grill
  • Umo – Japanese fusion
  • Kuc place to be – modern fusion
  • Ovillo – seafood restaurant


The event was open to the public. Additionally, ASMI invited gastronomic press to try out the menus, including, TV-Radio presenters, written newspaper press, online gastronomic bloggers, and journalists (26 guests in total).

ASMI also conducted a PR campaign around the event in the Madrid “event agendas”:

  • El Español (online blog)
  • Metropoli (online newspaper)
  • Gastroeconomy (online blog)
  • Cocina Futuro (online HRI trade journal)
ASMI Organizes “Wild Week” in Madrid, Spain 1
ASMI Organizes “Wild Week” in Madrid, Spain