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ASMI Menu Promotions and Trade Show Stimulate New Sales in Thailand

September 12, 2022 | Activities & Promotions

Following a successful restaurant seminar in April 2022, seven restaurants in Bangkok held an Alaska Seafood menu promotion for five weeks.

ASMI supported each restaurant with point of sale materials and hired popular Thai influencers to review the Alaska Seafood dishes. The promotions at these seven restaurants generated $10,498 in sales from May through June of 2022.

During the THAIFEX-ANUGA trade show in May 2022, ASMI hired a professional chef to produce Thai-style Alaska seafood recipes for giveaway samples at the booth. Many visitors from Thailand and other countries from leading restaurants to traders and consumers, were impressed with the Alaska seafood recipes, including Sizzler Restaurant, a leading restaurant chain in Thailand run by Minor Food Group. Additionally, Minor Food Group participated in our restaurant seminar and tasted our samples at THAIFEX and ASMI also organized a special tasting with Minor Food Group at their head office and hired the chef from THAIFEX to create and showcase Alaska seafood products. The dishes included:

  • Deep-fried Alaska Sole served with dill aioli
  • Pan-seared Alaska Pollock with Thai herb crust and edamame purée
  • Pan-seared Alaska Sockeye Salmon with kaeng kua pumpkin purée
  • Alaska Black Cod Parsnip Pasta with Truffle Garlic Sauce and Truffle Jelly

Impressed by the tasting, Minor Food Group confirmed purchase of 3,000 pieces of Alaska sablefish from Bangkok Seafood (BKSF) for their menu promotion during Thailand Mother’s Day (August 12). They were especially impressed with one of the recipes the chef made at ASMI’s booth during THAIFEX and will develop it for the Mother’s Day promotion. Minor Group also confirmed purchase of 3,000 pieces of wild Alaska pollock from BKSF for a menu promotion during Thailand Father’s Day (December 5). In addition BKSF will develop breaded fried sole for their value meals for Minor before 2022.