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ASMI International Expands to 27 Countries

June 14, 2016 | Announcements

In response to the political situation in the Russian market, specifically the import ban on US agricultural products including most Alaska seafood products, the IMC asked ASMI to explore market potential for salmon roe in other Eastern European countries. In 2013 Alaska salmon roe direct exports to Russia were worth $46,594,000. In 2015 no direct exports to Russia of any Alaska species were recorded, although some Alaska product, such as canned salmon, is still in the market through European producers.

After initial market exploration, ASMI has expanded the Eastern Europe program to include Romania, Kazakhstan, Moldovia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. Although the Eastern Europe program remains small, this expansion gives ASMI the flexibility to attend events and take advantage of opportunities for Alaska seafood throughout the region. The Romanian market in particular presents potential for Alaska salmon roe and ikura, and also for different kinds of salmon, crab, cod, halibut, and sole. ASMI recently created Romania salmon roe guides to assist promoting Alaska salmon roe products.