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#AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit

January 27, 2022 | Activities & Promotions

As the nation’s largest and premium source for wild seafood, the Alaska seafood industry and its partners know a thing or two about preparing fish.

That’s why ASMI is introducing #AlaskaSeafoodHacks, a program to uncover the best tips for cooking up delicious, nutritious and sustainable seafood.

ASMI is partnering with well-known chefs and culinary influencers to spread the word, and as a member of the Alaska Seafood family, we’d love for you to share your hacks or invite your customers, fans and followers to join in.

From January 27 – March 4, 2022, use this toolkit to join the #AlaskaSeafoodHacks program.

Download the Campaign Toolkit & Social Images
Alaska Seafood Hacks 5
Alaska Seafood Hacks 4
How can you participate in #AlaskaSeafoodHacks

Beginning January 27 at 9am AKST and through March 4, you can publish posts using the image graphics in this toolkit, create your own images or share Alaska Seafood’s posts to your own social channels.


  • On social, post your own content using #AlaskaSeafoodHacks and tag Alaska Seafood’s account (Facebook or Instagram) any time between January 27 – March 4.
  • Publish the #AlaskaSeafoodHacks call-to-action posts on your social channels any time between January 27 – March 4.
  • Download and share the ASMI-provided graphics of sample #AlaskaSeafoodHacks; suggested captions are included below to make sharing easy.


  • Do you have a seafood hack up your sleeve? Share your own tips and tricks with #AlaskaSeafoodHacks. (Your idea may even be featured on Alaska Seafood’s social channels and website).

Follow & Share

  • Join Alaska Seafood on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to see and share the best seafood hacks.
  • Share Alaska Seafood’s posts to your own social channels by simply reposting, retweeting or sharing to your Instagram stories.


Key Messages

You can use these messages when publishing to your social channels. If you don’t know what to say, you can also share Alaska Seafood’s posts directly to your own channels.

  • As people are cooking seafood more than ever, the Alaska seafood industry is sharing and uncovering the best tips for cooking up delicious, nutritious and sustainable seafood through #AlaskaSeafoodHacks.
  • #AlaskaSeafoodHacks are quick and clever, yet simple tricks that will surprise you and change the way you prepare and eat fish.
  • Elevate your seafood game with #AlaskaSeafoodHacks.
  • The greatest hack of all is to #AskFor Alaska when buying or eating seafood to guarantee that your seafood is wild and sustainable.
  • Share your tips with #AlaskaSeafoodHacks and follow @AlaskaSeafood on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to see more clever hacks.
Call-to-Action Social Media Posts

This is a guide only. Feel free to use your own words to express how you’re creating and promoting #AlaskaSeafoodHacks. You can reshare directly from the Alaska Seafood Instagram account or download the ASMI-provided image files here.

Please contact [email protected] for customizable design files.

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Alaska Seafood Hacks 5 Seafood lovers unite. We’re joining @AlaskaSeafood in finding and sharing the best #AlaskaSeafoodHacks. What’s your secret to cooking seafood? Post and tag us for a chance to be featured.





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Alaska Seafood Hacks 4 Our friends at @AlaskaSeafood are looking for your favorite #AlaskaSeafoodHacks. Ours is to <insert idea>. What seafood cooking tips do you have up your sleeve? Share them with us by tagging @AlaskaSeafood and using #AlaskaSeafoodHacks.

Call-to-Action Instagram Story Format

Alaska Seafood Hacks 1 Alaska Seafood Hacks

Sample Social Media Posts

Post anytime January 27 – March 4

#AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 5 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 4 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 3

There’s no need to thaw. Really. Frozen Alaska seafood is easy to cook when
you’re short on time. #AlaskaSeafoodHacks

#AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 8#AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 7 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 9

From Alaska rockfish nachos to a wild Alaska pollock Reuben to an Alaska
cod BLT, the options for #AlaskaSeafoodHacks are endless.

#AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 6#AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 10 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 11

Seafood protein and flavor comes straight from the can. Share your
quick recipes using canned salmon. #AlaskaSeafoodHacks

#AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 14 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 13 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 12

Skip sticky pans and head straight towards seafood deliciousness. Let’s
see your #AlaskaSeafoodHacks.

#AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 15 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 16 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 3

Ready to take your seafood to the next level? Show us how to get the
perfect sear. #AlaskaSeafoodHacks

Sample Instagram Stories

#AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 20 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 19  #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 18 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 17

#AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 24 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 23 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 22 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 21

#AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 26  #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 27 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 28 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 25

#AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 31 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 30 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 29 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 33

#AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 34 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 35 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 36 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 37

#AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 38 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 39 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 40 #AlaskaSeafoodHacks Campaign Toolkit 41

Example Hack Ideas

Please use this guide for your own inspiration. Here are some more ideas for topics you can post to your own social channels with #AlaskaSeafoodHacks.

Preparation Techniques

  • Buy a whole fish to spread it out across meals/dishes
  • Fast ways to crack crab legs
  • Removing pin bones
  • Salmon jerky or salmon candy

Cooking Techniques

  • Smoking (hot smoked vs. cold smoked)
  • Brining (lox vs. gravlax)
  • Wood plank grilling
  • Frying (air fry vs. deep fry vs. pan fry)
  • Poaching
  • Quick marinating / pickling
  • Unconventional spice rub, marinade, butter
  • Campfire grilling
  • Broiling
  • Instant Pot / Sous vide
We can't choose just one personality! Can you? 😆🐟
Alaska fishermen embody the true essence of hard work and passion. #AskForAlaska and feel good knowing you’re consuming sustainably harvested wild seafood from Alaska’s pristine waters. 🎣💙
These harissa Alaska cod rice bowls are packed with flavor and make a delicious summer weeknight dinner! ☀️🥣 Make it at the 🔗 in bio.
Incorporating wild Alaska seafood into your diet is always a good idea. ❤️🎏