11-30-15 Board of Directors

Meeting Packet

Meeting Agenda


Minutes for Approval

Minutes from All Hands for board approval


ASMI Bylaws

ASMI Committee Policy and Procedures

ASMI Mission Statement

RFM Program Documents for board discussion

(the documents below herein are the final content, however, they still need to undergo final copy-editing and aesthetic formatting)

1-RFM Quality Management System (QMS)

Overview of Alaska RFM QMS and RFM Governance

Documents for Board Approval

2-Fisheries Standard V. 1.3 and Accompanying Scoring Guidance

Overview of RFM Fisheries Std V. 1.3

Documents for Board Approval

3-Chain of Custody V. 2.4

Overview of Chain of Custody Standard V. 2.4

Documents for Board Approval