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Alaska seafood Holiday promotion in France brings in over $3 million in foodservice sales

ASMI used MAP funds to conduct a promotion for Christmas 2017 in 250 restaurants of Flunch, the number one cafeteria chain in France. In the two weeks prior to Christmas, Flunch featured Alaska pink salmon on their special holiday menu.  In total, ASMI spent $16,000 in MAP funds to support the promotion which increased the awareness of Alaska seafood and resulted in $3,168,300 in Alaska pink salmon sales – a 20% increase from 2016 sales. Due to the success of the partnership, Flunch will feature Alaska salmon in its special “Gourmet Catalogue” from the end of December 2017 to April 2018.

Over $220 million in Alaska seafood sales during aEON retail promotion in japan

ASMI Japan used $35,000 in MAP funding to conduct an Alaska Seafood promotion in October 4-10, 2017 with retail giant AEON Group – Asia’s largest retailer – as part of the retail group’s American Fair. ASMI negotiated the promotion of Alaska Pacific cod and sujiko salmon roe in both the fresh and frozen seafood sections of 380 stores across Japan. ASMI sent demonstration staff to 225 locations, in addition to provide all 380 stores with POS materials for eye-catching displays. During the week-long American Fair promotion, AEON saw $155.5 million in sales of Pacific cod and nearly $68 million in sales of sujiko (salmon roe), for a combine sales value of $223,188,589.  

Map Supported smoked sockeye product launch leads to Big orders in Germany

In October 2017, ASMI directed MAP funds to support the organic seafood processor and smoker Wechsler Feinfisch in their launch of a new smoked sockeye salmon product from Alaska. Since the launch, Wechsler achieved a new listing of their BioMare brand at Edeka, Germany’s largest retail chain. The Alaska wild salmon product was listed for the first time during the Christmas season in 680 Edeka affiliates. It is likely that the holiday launch will result in a permanent listing of the Alaska smoked salmon product. The first order from Edeka resulted in a volume of roughly 4 metric tons of Alaska sockeye salmon with a retail value of approximately $300,000, providing an initial return on investment (ROI) of 6000%.

ASMI Retail promotions bring in over one million USD in Alaska seafood sales in Japan

ASMI utilized MAP funds to conduct a series of promotions with Seven & I holdings, the fifth largest retailer in the world. For the month of August 2017, ASMI supported various activities with Seven & I stores including an Alaska sockeye salmon promotion at 7-eleven, and Alaska seafood promotion at Seven & I headquarters, and an Alaska seafood seminar and tasting at Seven Bank, in addition to Alaska Seafood Fairs at three Seven & I retail chains: Ito-Yokado (150 outlets), York Mart (78 outlets), and Sogo Seibu Department store (10 outlets). In total, ASMI spent $41,400 in MAP funds to support the promotions. The entire series promoted awareness of Alaska seafood items among Seven & I group company employees and the Alaska Seafood Fairs resulted in $1,492,993 in Alaska seafood sales, for a return on investment (ROI) of 3606%.  

fas Brazil Seafood Cochran Mission to the U.S. sees results

ASMI cooperated with FAS to organize a Brazil Seafood Cochran Fellowship Program, which took six Brazilian seafood importers (Vivenda do Camarao, J.P. Klausen, Marine Soul, Oba Hortifruti, Frescatto, and Marithimus) to Alaska to educate them about the U.S. fisheries, harvesting, sustainability, processing, logistics and whole local seafood chain with the goal of generating Alaska seafood sales.  ASMI worked with FAS to provide a comprehensive program for the group in Alaska and Seattle from August 9-16, 2016. Activities included visits to fishing sites, seafood processing facilities and fishing vessels in Cordova, Whittier and Valdez, as well as a roe workshop and industry meetings in Seattle. ASMI spent a total of $7,712, $4,195 from MAP funds. As of March 2017, 400 tons of Alaska pollock, cod, keta, coho and sockeye salmon was purchased by the mission participants, valued at $1 million, for an ROI of 12,866% on MAP funds.


Using MAP funding, ASMI partnered with the Japanese restaurant Sassá Sushi to promote and boost sales of Alaska wild sockeye salmon exported into the country by two small/medium Alaska and Washington based enterprises. For an MAP investment of $3,300, ASMI Brazil partnered with the restaurant to promote the new menu featuring the ASMI logo which will be in place at least a year. Sassá Sushi sources an average of 300 kg per month of Alaska sockeye salmon. During the first nine months of promotion, October 2015 to June 2016, the restaurant reported purchasing of over 2.7 tons of Alaska sockeye salmon and sales of $85,165, giving the promotion a return on investment (ROI) of 2,580%.

Success story brazil 2
Success story brazil


July through September 2015, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) used MAP funds to increase the sales of three species of fresh Alaska salmon at 133 Gruppo Pam stores in Italy. ASMI contributed $31,997 to the promotion, including $11,212 in MAP funds and $20,785 of matching funds. Gruppo Pam stores matched the ASMI contribution, providing billboards in store windows, posters for seafood departments and the cost of trip for two to Alaska as part of a contest to promote Alaska seafood. During the promotion 16,125 kg of Alaska salmon was sold, for a value of $573,821, providing a 1,748 % return on investment (ROI) for ASMI and a 5,109 % ROI for MAP funds invested.

MAP Funds Assist Alaska Seafood Sales at the Conxemar Trade Show

October 5-7, 2015, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) used MAP funds to attend the CONXEMAR trade show in Vigo, Spain. The CONXEMAR show is the largest frozen food show in Europe and the second largest show ASMI attends in Europe. It targets the Spanish and Portuguese trade primarily, both important markets for ASMI. ASMI spent $57,000 MAP money and roughly $14,000 in matching funds for a total investment of about $71,000 for booth space and other services at the show. Five small and medium Alaska and Washington-based seafood companies worked out of the ASMI pavilion at the show, met with 220 buyers and recorded $21 million in onsite sales, providing a 29,477% return on investment for the activity.


February 18-28, 2016, the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) used EMP funds to bring eight Alaska seafood industry experts to Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam to introduce these markets to Alaska seafood. In each country the group held one-on-one business consultations, met with FAS, held Alaska seafood seminars and undertook a total of eight retail and plant tours. ASMI spent $51,000 in EMP funds and contributed $61,052 in cash match and $32,192 in-kind match for a total industry match of $93,244. More than one-hundred trade members in Southeast Asia were educated about Alaska seafood and within the first ninety days following the missing there have been $760,000 in Alaska seafood sales as a result. In addition, test shipments have been sent and more sales are anticipated.