Economic Value Reports


September 2017 Report

ASMI contracted with McDowell Group to assess the economic value Alaska’s commercial seafood industry. The report provides figures on employment, labor income, seafood value, exports, taxes, and more.


  • Alaska’s abundant fisheries have produced over 169 billion pounds since statehood in 1959
  • The industry catches and processes enough seafood each year to feed everybody in the world at least one serving of Alaska seafood, or one serving for every American for more than a month.
  • Seafood directly employs more workers than any other industry in Alaska, and is the third largest overall job-creator in the state after the oil/gas and visitor industries (including multiplier effects)
  • Nationally, Alaska’s seafood industry creates an estimated 99,000 FTE jobs, $5.2 billion in annual labor income, and $12.8 billion in economic output
  • Alaska exports more than one million metric tons of seafood each year, bringing over $3 billion of new money into the U.S. economy
  • Seafood is the economic foundation of many rural communities