Good For The Menu


goodformenu_when it comes to seafood, consumers turn to restaurants to get it — Americans spend about half their food budgets outside the home, and for seafood it’s even more— 67% according to NOAA Fisheries. SWAP Meat is the perfect answer for giving consumers what they want. Recent research from Datassential and Technomic provides great insight into what today’s foodservice patrons are looking for when it comes to seafood:

  • 54% of all consumers and 62% of millennials are looking for a wider variety of seafood offerings on the menu.1
  • 2/3 of seafood consumers say that seafood is just as filling as meat.1

Plus, with Alaska Seafood being the number one brand among proteins on all U.S. menus,2 operators already know that menuing seafood from Alaska helps boost their bottomline — 94% of consumers are more likely to order a fish/seafood dish when “Alaska” is included in the menu description!2


1. Technomic C-O-P Seafood & Vegetarian Consumer Trend Report 2015
2. Datassential 2016