The Alaska Seafood brand is powerful for driving purchases and ASMI’s foodservice program offers a wide variety of resources for operators and distributors to help you do just that.

The foodservice program offers a wide variety of education, training and promotional materials available for use by operators and distributors. These merchandising tools are available at the ASMI online ordering site, or by contacting your ASMI representative.

How we partner

ASMI can help you build your brand by capitalizing on Alaska Seafood’s logo recognition and halo of positive attributes to enhance your menu.

Training and Education

The foodservice program is designed to help commercial and non-commercial operators handle, menu and promote Wild Alaska Seafood. 

College and University

ASMI works with colleges and universities to bring the Alaska seafood brand on campus.


Seafood is an important part of a healthy diet and an essential component of healthy school meals.


Share the Alaska seafood message. View or download the video, and dont forget to #askforAlaska

Digital Assets

ASMI offers digital assets like photos and videos to our partners. Create a login to our digital library here.