Disaster Relief

Over the years, we have demonstrated that Alaska canned salmon is an efficient relief product for emergency situations. For example, the donation of four shipping containers of canned pink salmon in response to the devastating Typhoon Yolanda served as an effective emergency product in the aftermath. The shelf-stable canned salmon was especially appreciated because it didn’t need refrigeration, potable water or cooking and could be eaten straight from the can or mixed with local ingredients. Alaska canned salmon and herring are perfect for use in crises, whether they are sudden moments of destruction like the earthquake in Nepal in 2015, or ongoing demands for humanitarian aid like the massive flooding and devastation in Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina. Large-scale emergencies at the same time in the Central African Republic, South Sudan,  and Syria combined to create unprecedented situations that require swift and effective nutritional aid. Disaster preparation, both domestic and international, is more relevant now than ever and we are pushing for shelf stable canned Alaska seafood to be prepositioned for staging and readiness to meet humanitarian needs anywhere in the world.

Why is Alaska canned seafood the perfect choice for disaster preparedness?

  • Highly nutritious
  • A complete food
  • Long shelf life – 6 years
  • Easy to transport
  • No cooking needed
  • Integrates into all cuisines
  • Not susceptible to infestation
  • Time saving – can be eaten from can
  • No potable water needed
  • No fuel needed
  • Stacks easily