ASMI Launches Two Surveys to Measure COVID Impacts to Alaska Seafood Industry

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is looking for help from the broader Alaska seafood industry to help quantify the effects of the pandemic for both seafood harvesters and processors.

Two recently-launched surveys seek to answer key questions such as what amount of resources the industry spent on mitigating the spread of the virus and whether government economic relief programs were available to all sectors of the industry:

The survey for Alaska fishermen can be found here:

This survey is now closed.

The survey for Alaska seafood processors can be found here:

This survey is now closed.

Data from the survey will be used to give policy makers and other stakeholders a clear picture of the condition of the industry one year into the pandemic.

The surveys are open through March 18. Each survey takes about 10 minutes to complete.

The surveys are part of ASMI’s ongoing work with the McKinley Research Group to understand and report on the impacts of the pandemic on Alaska’s seafood industry. A series of briefing papers, including market analyses is available

Individual responses are kept strictly confidential and reported publicly only when aggregated for the industry as a whole.  Data collected will not be shared outside McKinley Research Group (MRG), with any MRG affiliate, or with any seafood entity in which an MRG affiliate has invested. 

For more information on the goals for the study, contact Ashley Heimbigner with ASMI at If you have questions about the survey, please contact Jenna Dickinson, Consultant at McKinley Research Group (formerly McDowell Group), which is conducting the survey for ASMI at