ASMI Japan Promotes Alaska Seafood in Catalog and Online Store of Natural Foods Retailer

ASMI Japan placed an advertisement in the catalog and online store for Bio Market, a retail group that specializes in organic and natural products. The company runs several stationary stores in addition to a home delivery service which people can utilize through their catalog and ecommerce site. Bio Market shoppers demonstrate a strong interest in sustainability, making them an attractive consumer group for Alaska seafood.

For the promotion, ASMI took out a one-page ad in the store’s catalog from August 31 – September 4 that included an introduction to Alaska seafood sustainability, a message from ASMI headquarters, and recipe suggestions for Alaska products including sockeye salmon, black cod, Pacific cod and Alaska pollock roe. The ad was posted on the ecommerce site as well, maximizing the chances that it would be seen by Bio Market’s 10,000 members.