Geoducks, Sea Cucumbers and Sea Urchins

Alaska’s icy waters are the source of many different dive products. Geoducks, sea urchins and sea cucumbers are generally harvested in the cold clean waters of southeast Alaska.  Individual harvesters using hookah, surface supplied air, or scuba gear gather these products.  Alaska Department of Fish and Game employs responsible management techniques in order to ensure the sustainability of these fisheries.

Geoducks are a large bivalve with a wonderful texture and delicate, clean flavor, reminiscent of the ocean. They are served in sushi restaurants and can be used as a substitute for conch. Geoducks are served as sashimi, ceviche, and fritters. These large clams are harvested in the fall; the season can run from October to May.

Sea cucumbers are an echinoderm; the season starts the first week of October and typically runs thrugh December.  Sea cucumbers are used for a variety of things, both medicinal and cuisine. Sea cucumbers have five strips of white meat, with a calamari-like flavor and texture. Great in a variety of recipes, from stir-fries to hot pots.

Sea urchins are harvested year around, mostly around Craig and Ketchikan.  Red sea urchins are beautiful; the roe (uni) is golden and sweet.  Sea urchin roe is shipped jugged, trayed or live.  Sea urchin roe is served at sushi restaurants, in soufflés and pates.