Fisheries Standard

The Alaska RFM Fisheries Standard focuses on 6 Key Principles for evaluating fisheries:

  1. The Fisheries Management System
  2. Science and Stock Assessment Activities
  3. The Precautionary Approach
  4. Management Measure
  5. Implementation, Monitoring and Control
  6. Serious Impacts of the Fishery on the Ecosystem

The RFM Standards are reviewed annually as a matter of process and procedure.  At a minimum, there will be a full review and/or reissue every five years.


Version 2.0

Comments are currently under review

Version 1.3

The Alaska RFM Fishery Standard Version 1.3 is the incoming standard and was approved by the ASMI Board in November 2015 for use from January 2016.  The new V1.3 will be used for all new fisheries that wish to be certified and for fisheries seeking re-certification to the Alaska RFM program from January 1, 2016.

Fishery Standard V1.3
Scoring Guidance for V1.3
Data Deficient Fisheries Scoring Guidance for V1.3

Version 1.2

Certified Fisheries can choose to use the new V1.3 Standard immediately but will be given a period of at least three years to come into compliance with revised fishery standard V1.3. Surveillance audits for existing certified fisheries will continue to be against RFM V1.2 (the outgoing standard) until January 2019 unless the Fishery specifically requests an assessment against the new RFM V1.3 Standard.

Fishery Standard V1.2
Scoring Guidance for V1.2