The Chain of Custody Standard

Each facility and stage that handles the certified seafood within a supply chain must be assessed by the program’s Certification Body before an Applicant within their supply chain can use this certified source claim.

  • RFM CHAIN OF CUSTODY STANDARD VERSION 2.4 BECAME EFFECTIVE ON JANUARY 1, 2016. The Alaska RFM Chain of Custody Version 2.4 is the incoming standard and was approved by the ASMI Board in November 2015 for use from January 2016. The new V2.4 will be used for all new applications that wish to be certified to the Alaska RFM Chain Of Custody Standard program from January 1, 2016.
  • RFM CHAIN OF CUSTODY STANDARD VERSION 2.3 REMAINS EFFECTIVE FOR SURVEILLANCE AUDITS FOR EXISTING CERTIFIED ORGANIZATIONS Certified Chain of Custody Organizations can choose to use the new V2.4 RFM Standard immediately but will be given a period of at least eighteen months to come into compliance with the revised 2.4 Standard. Surveillance audits for existing certified Chain Of Custody will continue to be against RFM V2.3 (the outgoing Standard) until June 2017.